Established in 1994. Destiny Equestrian Center is Vermont’s Premier Vermont’s Top Lesson Program

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Indoor Riding Arena
Destiny Morgan Farm Horse Boarding Vermont
Indoor Riding Arena (Skylights)
outdoor morgan dressage riding ring
Outdoor Dressage Riding Ring

Want to try horseback riding or an experienced rider? We welcome you to join us.

We have a wide range of horses and ponies are available for lessons, catering for beginners to advanced riders.

Stable management and specialized training are available. Enjoy our friendly and supportive environment, which provides horse lovers of all ages and abilities. Destiny Equestrian Center is a great place to ride, take lessons, and socialize.

Riding School Options

Welcome to the magical world of horses!  At Destiny we take pride in helping students become safe, comfortable, and confident around their new 4 legged friends.  As you begin your journey in the horse world you will learn to safely work around horses, brush them, tack up (put on the saddle and bridle) and ride at a walk and trot. All beginner lessons are private. Once the rider can independently control their horse at a walk and trot, they may move to semi-private lessons. At many horse farms, the beginning riders are taught by working students or apprentices that are in the early stages of learning to teach.  The instruction you receive at Destiny is from a seasoned instructor with years of experience.

If you’ve been out of the saddle for a while don’t fret. We’re glad you’re getting back into riding! We will assess your riding skills and work to help you return to, or develop a secure and confident feel in the saddle. As you progress we will discuss your goals and help create a game plan to maximize your riding enjoyment!

If you’re already riding and are thinking of trying something new, or you are just looking for a change, Destiny is the place to go!

If you own your horse—GREAT—and you’re considering riding lessons, we can assess your riding skills and assist you on your journey in a variety of disciplines.   Non-boarders can truck in, either for an occasional tune-up or a regular weekly lesson.  Boarders can also opt to bring in outside instructors for a nominal ring fee.

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