Quality Horse Boarding in the Burlington, VT region

Horse boarding stables for your horse are easy with the year-round turn-out and no mud season with our beautiful sandy soil! Horse boarding near Burlington, Vermont, is simple.

Looking for a place to board your horse?

We are focused on the best care of your horse. Healthy, safe, and well-kept in a professional environment. Boarding your horse at Destiny Equestrian Center has many benefits.

First, you can be sure that your horse will receive the best possible care. Our facilities have experienced staff familiar with horses’ unique needs, and they can provide your horse with the regular exercise and grooming needed to stay healthy.

Boarding your horse at a professional stable can give you peace of mind knowing that your horse is in good hands even when you can’t be there yourself. Whether you’re away on business or taking a well-deserved vacation, professional horse boarding stables assure you that your horse will be happy and well-cared for.

We provide top-notch care for every one of our horses, whether they’re in a paddock or a stall. Our experienced staff is passionate about horses and takes pride in providing the best possible boarding experience.

You’ll never have to worry about your horse’s well-being when you board with us. We take great care of all our animals and make sure they’re happy and healthy while they’re here. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your horse is in good hands.

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Top Horse Boarding Facility

Our 22,000 square foot equestrian complex features a large indoor, 2 outdoor arenas, a jump field, a mountain trail obsolete course, and 34 stalls. The boarding stable and rising is open for year-round riding.  Enjoy full-service horse boarding and training with the convenience of this central location. Just minutes from Burlington in Colchester, Vermont.

horse stalls
Aspen, the watchdog!
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Indoor Arena Destiny Morgan Farm
Destiny Morgan Farm Horse Boarding Vermont
Indoor Arena Destiny Morgan Farm (Skylights)
Vermont Horse Farm Indoor Riding Arena
Vermont Horse Farm Riding Arena (Indoor)
Destiny Morgan Farm Viewing Room Arena
Outdoor Riding Ring

Features: Horse Boarding Stables and Riding

  • 180 x 70 Lighted Indoor Arena with Skylights
  • Matted Stalls
  • Two Outdoor Arenas Plus a Jumping Field
  • Virtually NO Mud Season
  • 11 run-in sheds for your horse to protect your horse in the paddock
  • Lounge and Viewing Room
  • Warm Horse Barn in Winter
  • Cooling Fans on Each Horse in the Horse Boarding Stables
  • Refrigerator and Microwave
  • Feeding Program Tailored to Your Horses Needs 
  • Daily Cleaning and Bedding
  • Interior Wash Rack with Hot Water
  • Wash/Grooming Racks
  • Great Year-Round Turnout
  • Blanketing
  • Owner and Manager on Onsite
  • Night Checks
  • The boarding fee starts at $650 per month.

Let’s See What’s Available.

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Horse Boarding Chittenden County Vermont
Boarding Horses Vermont (Yes, Aspen the dog)

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The voyage had begun happily with a soft blue sky from Montana to Vermont.

Located just outside of Burlington, Vermont, sporting warm weather and pristine fields, the city of Burlington, Vermont is the perfect vacation destination or newcomers. Beyond its obvious attractions, the town is also home to Destiny Equestrian Center.

Destiny Equestrian Center, a top Vermont horse farm, is a unique equestrian center with a diversity of people and breeds of horses. Seeing different riding abilities and styles helps everyone become a better rider. We offer horse boarding, lessons, and horse leasing in the Vermont area.

The complex has a 22,000-square-foot large indoor, 2 outdoor riding areas, trails, and a jump field and is open for year-round riding. Enjoy full-service horse boarding and riding with the convenience of this central location. Just minutes from Burlington in Colchester, Vermont.

The top horse boarding stables in Burlington, Vermont area. Call us at 802-598-8218.

What horse boarding is?

Horse boarding is a service that provides a place for horses to live and be taken care of. It can be either short-term or long-term and usually includes food, water, shelter, turnout, and basic care. Boarding facilities may offer additional services such as stalls, turnout areas, riding arenas, and trails.

What does it cost to board a horse?

The cost of horse boarding can vary depending on the location, the type of facility, and the services offered. Generally, boarding a horse in Vermont costs between $650 and $900 per month. This includes food, water, shelter, turnout, and basic care. Some facilities may charge more for additional services for special care like supplements and other foods.

What is the best horsing boarding farm in Vermont?

There are many great horsing boarding farms in Vermont, but the best ones offer something special that sets them apart from the rest. These farms provide top-notch horse care, including ample food and water, clean stalls and turnout areas, and plenty of space to run and play. They also offer additional services such as riding lessons and horse shows prep. These farms, like Destiny Morgan Farm, are the perfect place to board your horse if you want to give them the best possible care.

Should a caretaker be onsite?

Most horse boarding facilities have an onsite manager, but there are a few that do not. If you are looking for a boarding facility and this is an important factor for you, be sure to ask if the facility has a caretaker on site. You may want to reconsider boarding your horse there if they do not.