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Children’s Horseback Riding Camps

Whether it’s your child’s first time in the saddle or you have an equine-obsessed kid, DEC horse camps teach a lot more than riding skills.

Our camp program provides a safe environment for children to develop social decision-making skills and experience the thrill of horsemanship. Camps start at $995 (Early registration $895) for 5 days and a Friday afternoon show.

How Do You Explain Magic?

It’s near-impossible to explain the magic of the horse camp experience. And this comes from youth development professionals who spend every waking moment thinking about how to help children explore learning!

Nonetheless, we can’t keep the good news to ourselves. With our passionate riding instructor and camp counselors, the programs are kicking into gear for 2023.

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Kid’s Horse Camps

In addition to daily rides, young equestrians worked the stables, feeding, grooming, saddling their horses, and so much more.

Stable chores aren’t just for kicks. A sense of personal responsibility comes from caring for a horse, and chores provide real-world opportunities for campers to learn discipline and work ethic. 

Destiny offers a half-day equine-focused camp for children ages 7- 12.

Start Your Kid’s Adventure this Summer

Summer Horse Camps for Kids and Teens

Guided by professional instructors, your child will learn new skills, social interaction (with others and our equine friends), creating companionship, developing socialization skills, mental-health booster, character-building activities, and so much more.

Summer Horse Camps for Kids and Teens.

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Our Horse Riding Programs

Although each child is a unique individual, we believe a horse camp is beneficial for all kids.

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7 – 12 Year Old Horse Camp

No matter what your child’s interests are, camp helps children develop important social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

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Private Riding Lessons

Welcome to the magical world of horses!  At Destiny, we take pride in helping adults and children students become safe, comfortable, and confident around horses.

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Riding School

We believe in building a strong foundation and guided learning to help the rider and the horse to be able to do more advanced techniques.