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Experienced Instructor

Dawn Severance, a Vermont native, 7th generation, started riding in Montana on a family vacation. Some call it an epiphany other, well, you know, and the story goes.

Dawn believes in safety first when it comes to riding. She fell in love with horses at an early age. Riders are taught how to groom and tack their horses in the first few lessons (which is a complimentary portion of the lesson and is not charged to the student). Students also learn some groundwork, horse health, and safety measures.

Dawn focuses on the basic skills for new riders and dressage cross-training with some English jumper riding. She has over 25 years of experience in these disciplines and has over 12,000 teaching hours as a head trainer.

Her lessons support a wide age range of riders (7 Years- Adult), and skill levels range from students who have never ridden to those who used to be avid riders when they were younger. Whether you just want to learn to ride for fun or are eager to progress in your riding and push yourself to new heights, Destiny Morgan Farm is the place for you!

Don’t think she knows what she’s doing? Ask her for a private ski lesson up at Stowe this Winter.

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Dawn Severance

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